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How to get the job

freethinking-how-to-get-the-job-thumbnailGetting a great job means doing a great interview. Interviews are the single most important aspect of the recruitment process.  Whether you are applying for a  permanent job or an interim position you need to impress the interviewer and beat the competition.

This guide will help you prepare and give your best performance. It is full of practical advice about how to prepare for an interview as well as the big day itself.

This guide was written by coach and consultant Carol Grant. She leads the professional development offering at Public Select. She’s been on both sides of the interview panel many times, and seen (and done) her share of good and bad interviews.
She also offers one-to-one interview coaching to improve confidence and performance for that all important job opportunity.

Link: Download 'How to get the job' (PDF)

If you think this guide would be helpful to someone else you know, please feel free to pass it on. We would also welcome any feedback or comments you might have. Please drop us a line via the contact form.